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Foot Soak
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An aromatherapy Foot Soak that is theraputic for the skin, offering pain relief, relaxation and much more for the feet... 

The Foot Soak is a combination of natural salts, plant extracts and essential oils to give relief to the often tired, painful and stressed feet.

The Foot Soak formulation soothes, relieves, softens and aids in the healing of foot related skin inflammatory conditions. 

The Foot Soak is both a salt and aromatherapy combination formula to give the feet the following natural benefits:-

  • Reduces the incidence of foot blisters and fungal infections

  • Reduces foot odor

  • Soothes pain from sprains and bruises‌

  • Relieves overall stress and helps you feel relaxed.

  • Eases pain and muscle cramps.

  • Boosts nerve and muscle function.

  • Helps prevent blood clots.

  • Smoothes out cracked heels and hardened skin

  • Aids in good sleep


Usage: Fill a basin or foot spa with warm water enough to cover the feet up to the ankles. Then add 2 generous tablespoons of the Foot Soak. Place the feet in the water for abut 20 mins. Then remove legs from the water. Rince and dry if you are not using a pumice or foot file after.

Dry skin removal from foot: After soaking for 20 mins, use a pumice stone or a foot file and gently rub the areas covered with dry skin or callus. Be careful not to harm the skin surface layer by agressively rubbing it. After that, rinse the dead skin off the feet with water and wipe dry. Use the Foot & Heel Balm underneath a pair of socks at night when you go to bed to moisturise the skin on the feet and keep it well nourished.  


Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Magnesium Flales, French Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Aloe Vera and Essential Oils.


  • Natural salts
  • Theraputic grade essential oils
  • Organic flower petals
  • Preservative free 
  • Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight
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What's in the box

A transparent jar of Foot Soak with a white cap.