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The "Allure Of Roses" Collection
A skincare collection that sings romance between the skin and the senses.
For The Face
The classic rose used in more than one way to reveal clean and clear glowing skin.

A series of new performance ingredients are used to achieve that complexion you've dream about...
For The Body
Wholesome body care for the skin to glow day or night...
Product Highlight
Brighten Naturally
A nourishing body lotion harnessing the skin benefits in roses with other vegan ingredients to brighten the skin naturally.
Niacinamide & Cherry Blossom
This duo works to improve the skin's hydration levels by locking moisture into the skin. It calms and nourishes the skin while supporting an even skin toned skin
Alpha Arbutin
This ingredient brightens and evens the skin tone, lightening darkened areas of the skin . It also works to minimise the appearance of scars.
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Customer Reviews
Kavitha Sundaralingam

Loving this oil, its so light easily absorbs into the skin without much rubbing...just need to gently massage in. You can feel the instant plump moist hydrated glow on the skin. The natural fragrance of roses is lovely. Kudos Rawganics❤️

11 March 2023

Every night to bed now. I love the aroma. Puts me to calm rest. Beautiful rose but not too much or too strong. My skin feels so silky these days.

8 March 2023
Puteri Raihana

This is an amazing product. I did not expect this quality from a local brand. This is better than some korean essences I have used. I highly recommend this. 

8 March 2023
Puteri Raihana

Purchased this oil at their counter in BSC during the weekend. Now this oil is a must use daily. Perhaps the best facial oil I've tried so far. 

8 March 2023
Kavitha Sundaralingam

Both my teens aged 17 and 19 have been using this cleanser for their acne prone skin for over a year. Their skin which formerly had acne scars have lightened and new acne dries off rather quickly minus the scarring.

12 February 2023
Kavitha Sundaralingam

This is my go to cleanser. Never really thought a creamy cleanser will be capable of removing all impurities but this one is awesome for my skin. I just love the soft cleaned moist skin it leaves after washing. You can be assured its not stripping your skin off any moisture.

12 February 2023
Kavitha Sundaralingam

This is going to be my new loved product @Rawganics. The smell of the roses is divine. Not too much but just that soft velvety sweet smell. The essence when put on just leaves a soft velvety feel too♥️♥️ Super love this

12 February 2023